Top Ten Personal Finance Blogs you’ve never heard of

Personal Finance Blogs

The personal finance blogging world is dominated by players like I Will Teach You to be Rich, Get Rich Slowly, and the Simple Dollar.  Though these bloggers have extremely valuable content, we feel that there are other lesser known bloggers that write posts that are of equal quality.  I scoured the internet to find the best personal finance bloggers that you’ve never heard of.  I gathered 30 blogs, aggregated their satistics, and chose the top ten to be displayed here before you today.

We objectively ranked these blogs by measuring the following statistics: Linkbacks, Traffic, Comments, Authority, Followers, and Retweets.

Let me know what you think about these blogs!  We ultimately want to tweak and revise our algorithm based on your feedback, so do let us know what you think of each blog that is mentioned here.  If you have a personal finance blog that you would like to recommend, list it in the comment section and we’ll create a receommended list.

So without further ado, here are the Top 10 Personal Finance Bloggerss that you have never heard of:

1. Jen –


Total Score: 320

Key Metrics:

  • Linkbacks: 342
  • Average comments per post: 15
  • Compete traffic: 11,717
  • Twitter followers: 800
  • Following/Followers ratio: 17
  • Retweets in the past month: 3

2. Julia –


Total Score: 284

Key Metrics:

  • Linkbacks: 852
  • Average comments per post: 4
  • Compete traffic: 20,075
  • Twitter followers: 605
  • Following/Followers ratio: 2.3
  • Retweets in the past month: 52

3. Kacie –


Total Score: 222

Key Metrics:

  • Linkbacks: 462
  • Average comments per post: 15
  • Compete traffic: 14,856
  • Twitter followers: 339
  • Following/Followers ratio: 2.8
  • Retweets in the past month: 0

4. Adam Baker –


Total Score: 205

Key Metrics:

  • Linkbacks: 256
  • Average comments per post: 18
  • Compete traffic: 11,153
  • Twitter followers: 3,583
  • Following/Followers ratio: 1
  • Retweets in the past month: 118

5. Miel and James –


Total Score: 185

Key Metrics:

  • Linkbacks: 1,070
  • Average comments per post: 1
  • Compete traffic: 7,509
  • Twitter followers: 440
  • Following/Followers ratio: .4
  • Retweets in the past month: 1

6. Steve –


Total Score: 164

Key Metrics:

  • Linkbacks: 669
  • Average comments per post: 5
  • Compete traffic: 8,161
  • Twitter followers: 372
  • Following/Followers ratio: 2.2
  • Retweets in the past month: 1

7. Broke Grad –


Total Score: 154

Key Metrics:

  • Linkbacks: 290
  • Average comments per post: 5
  • Compete traffic: 11,303
  • Twitter followers: 210
  • Following/Followers ratio: 2.2
  • Retweets in the past month: 5

8. Ben and Frank –


Total Score: 134

Key Metrics:

  • Linkbacks: 241
  • Average comments per post: 1
  • Compete traffic: 10,506
  • Twitter followers: 306
  • Following/Followers ratio: .9
  • Retweets in the past month: 0

9. Jacob –


Total Score: 110

Key Metrics:

  • Linkbacks: 243
  • Average comments per post: 9
  • Compete traffic: 6,760
  • Twitter followers: 135
  • Following/Followers ratio: 4
  • Retweets in the past month: 2

10. Nut –


Total Score: 96

Key Metrics:

  • Linkbacks: 237
  • Average comments per post: 1
  • Compete traffic: 6,031
  • Twitter followers: 209
  • Following/Followers ratio: 3.5
  • Retweets in the past month: 5

Grace Boyle – Small Hands and Huge Ideas!

Contact: gracekboyle [at]
Twitter: @gracekboyle
Career: Business Development at Lijit
Passions: “I would say that I infuse passion into everything that I do, meaning that the mundance doesn’t exist for me. Specifically, I am passionate people and the connections we can make, travel, photography and art, cuisuine/food (I’m Italian, it runs in my blood), digital media, education in all its forms.”

So one day I was online searching for a cool addon for my blog, and I find out about this site called  First of all, the name itself is pretty sweet, so they already got me interested.  I then go out and Tweet: “Hey, does anyone have any experience with using Lijit?”  Not 5 minutes goes by when Grace Boyle shoots me a Tweet, then an email, and then customizes a Lijit search bar just for me.  Now that’s building customer relationship!

Grace is such a sweet and fun person.  She has really tiny hands, hence the blog name, but I think she has one of the biggest hearts.  She wants to someday have here own traveling food critique show, which I sincerely hope she starts someday soon because I will be watching every single episode.

Grace was like a perfect student, had 5 internships as an undergrad, and could have gotten any corporate job she wanted.  Instead, she chose to chase her dreams, move west, and join a startup.  All I can say is that you should always follow your heart, and never let what you’re “supposed to do” influence want you “want to do.”  Enjoy!

Conversation Breakdown

1:19 – What inspired you to start your blog?

Grace started blogging in 2005 with a company blog.  Once she graduated college, she felt that she had a lot to say and decided to put her own creative ideas online and share it with the world.

2:19 – You graduated Summa Cum Laude, had 5 internships, and seemed to be on the path for the corporate world. What made you want to join a startup?

Grace has had very diverse internships: she’s worked at large corporate agenecies, for a non-profit, and for startups.  Grace loves the personal touch at startups and the fact that everyone at a startup is so passionate about the direction and vision of the company.

4:12 – Does working at a startup inspire you to some day start your own company?

Both of Grace’s parents were entrepreneurs, so she definitely grew up with the spirit.  She is happy in her position right now because she’s learning a whole lot, and hopes to one day apply everything that she has learned and use it for her own startup one day.

5:30 – How did you get your job over at

It took Grace 1 month to get it.  She wasn’t even looking for a job at Lijit, but the opportunity opened up and she took it.

8:47 – Why did you start “What inspires you” on your blog?

Grace had been talking to a lot of amazing bloggers and they were inspiring her.  But she couldn’t find THE place to find out what inspires and motivates people.  She therefore decided to make her blog the place where you can find out what truly inspires people.

10:06 – What inspires you?

Grace loves to travel, experiencing other cultures, is inspired by family, food, and people.  She loves to connect with people and collaborate with them.

12:01 – If you never had to work another day in your life, what would you be doing?

Grace would become a traveling food critique.  It combines all of her passions: travel, food, writing, and people.

13:20 – What’s your 30-second pitch for why bloggers should use Lijit search?

Check them out here at

Dorie Morgan – Taking the Wasteland out of Suburbia

Contact: doriemorgan [at]
Twitter: @brstngphnx
Career: Document Control Specialist for a small pharmaceutical R&D/Contract Manufacturer/Consulting company
Passions: “I am passionate about life in the suburbs becoming something other than a wasteland. I am passionate about community – not keeping up with the Jones’ but creating small business and organizations that add value to a community of people.”

Growing up, my Dad constantly told me to never get married before I was 30.  In fact, my Dad suggests to never get married at all and have lots and lots of women… hahaha.  So because of this type of up-bringing, I really don’t understand the mentality of people who get married in their early 20’s.

I’m so glad that I was able to chat with Dorie Morgan because she gave me such a real, honest, and open look at the world of a happily married 20 something.  In fact, her view on life is a stark contrast to mine: she feels love is a choice, she got married to her husband without even going out on a first date, and she separates work and life.  Nevertheless, she is an amazing person who has such a big heart.

Throughout our interview, you’ll find out about Dorie’s entrepreneurial aspirations and how she hopes to help out her suburbian community.  She has big plans for 2009, and I wish her the best of luck.

Enjoy the interview!

Conversation Breakdown:

1:14 – How did your blogging career start?

Dorie started blogging in 2002, where she wrote a lot about her college experiences, including a lot of BUI (Blogging Under the Influence) posts.

Man… I have done some drunk dialing in my day.  I can’t imagine what kids do nowadays: Drunk Tweeting!

2:35 – What has been the favorite post that you have written?

Craving Community

2:54 – What inspired you to write Craving Community?

Dorie loves the receiving aspect of community.  She loves building upon relationships and interacting with other people.  However, there are times when she just doesn’t want to be a part of the community.  Sometimes she just wants to relax and get away from things.

3:54 – How to you keep your work and life balanced?

Dorie blogs at 5am.  It frees up her day and allows her to focus on her full-time during the day and focus on her husband in the evening.

5:00 – Does your husband have a blog?

No, but he does comment as his alter-ego.

5:47 – Are you feeling the stress from the economy and the housing market since you recently bought a house last year?

Dorie and her husband were extremely smart when purchasing their house.  They made sure that they would be able to pay off the mortgage with only one of their full-time incomes.  As long as one of them has a full-time job, they’ll be fine.

6:53 – When did you get married and how did you know that you were married?

Dorie was 24 and Bryan was 23.  The unique thing is that Dorie and Bryan decided to get married after only one date!

9:41 – What are your entrepreneurial aspirations?

Dorie and Bryan want to own their own real estate construction company.  They want to rent out their homes to people who need the space, and at the same time, improve the neighborhoods and bring community value to the community.

11:06 – What is it like to start an entrepreneurial venture with your husband?

Dorie loves the fact that she can wake up at 3am with a great idea and wake up her husband to tell him the idea.  Their business relationship works because they have excellent communication and the same goals.

13:13 – In 2009, what is in store for Dorie Morgan?

Professionally, Dorie wants to finish her apartment and start renting it out.

Personally, she wants to keep moving forward with her blog and launch Change Blogger Philadelphia.