The Top 10 YouTube Video Bloggers

One of the most popular sites today is and one of the biggest reasons for its huge popularity is thanks to video bloggers. While there are plenty of ‘all-stars’ when it comes to video blogs, we wanted to see who the top were. With that said, we have put together a list of the Top 10 YouTube Video Bloggers.

With some of those on our list first starting way back when YouTube first launched, it is no wonder that they have exploded in popularity. While some may consider them only ‘online’ celebrities, many have used their online influence to land roles on Television shows as well as becoming ‘household’ names. From getting your news to having a few laughs, these video bloggers are the best at what they do.

For our list, we analyzed the video bloggers based on 4 categories: 1. YouTube Channel Views, 2. Subscribers,  3. the number of videos they have and 4. how many months they have had an active YouTube account.  All traffic statistics were drawn from and are current as of August 29, 2009.

  1. Fred

    Description: Lucas Cruikshank or what he’s better known as, Fred Figglehorn, was one of the first YouTube video bloggers. Through his comedic videos which feature voice editing that creates his high-pitched tone, Fred’s channel was the first YouTube channel to gain over 1 million subscribers. Aside from his online popularity, Lucas has also made guest appearances on shows like iCarly as well as CNN and The Tyra Banks Show. Lucas has also launched his own merchandise for anyone looking to own their own ‘Fred.’

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    Channel Views: 60,568,726

    Subscribers: 1,375,515

    Videos: 44

    Months Active: 46

    Total Score: 5.922

  2. nigahiga

    Description: No list would be complete if we didn’t include Ryan Higa (aka. nigahiga)! From his awesome rendition of Twilight in just minutes to bringing us the “Word of the Day – Pwned“, you don’t have to look far to figure out why people love his videos so much. He is also in an exclusive category when it comes to YouTube ’stars’ as he is #1 Most Subscribed User on YouTube of all-time as well as boasting over 1 millions views on each of videos. Be sure to  also check out his most recent work, Ninja Melk!

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    Channel Views: 48,477,006

    Subscribers: 1,424,656

    Videos: 41

    Months Active: 37

    Total Score: 4.978

  3. sxephil

    Description: Since 2006, Phillip DeFranco or sxephil, has been lighting up YouTube channels with his entertaining video blogs. Currently the #8 most subscribed YouTube channel, Phillp DeFranco isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind and always has a fresh take on what’s current. Phillip also has a great website going where you can find not only his video blogs embedded, but also some great content. Be sure to check out

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    Channel Views
    : 20,619,754

    Subscribers: 595,943

    Videos: 353

    Months Active: 35

    Total Score: 2.935

  4. KevJumba

    Description: Inspired by Dave Chapelle and his love for stand-up comedy, KevJumba is one of our favorite YouTube video bloggers. Aside from his always entertaining videos, KevJumba uses his creativity to find new was to interact with his fans. From challenging Baron Davis on and setting up the JumbaFund (every month JumbaFund donates all the revenue earned from Youtube to a charity of your choice), KevJumba is the real deal. 

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    Channel Views: 19,313,232

    Subscribers: 629,408

    Videos: 49

    Months Active: 37

    Total Score: 2.624

  5. CommunityChannel

    At number 5 on our list is the beautiful Australian born, Natalie Tran. Also known as the star of CommunityChannel, Natalie Tran has re-invented ‘multi-role’ skits. Taking on many different roles in her video skits, Natalie offers something for everyone. She is the #1 most subscribed YouTube user in Australia as well as the #3 most subscribed female in the world.Follow CommunityChannel on Twitter!

    Channel Views: 19,924,629

    Subscribers: 407,280

    Videos: 178

    Months Active: 35

    Total Score: 2.584

  6. itschriscrocker

    Description: One of the fastest growing names on YouTube is none other than Chris Crocker. Chris brought to us one of the most viewed videos on YouTube (28 million views + ), simply titled “Leave Britney Alone!” While some contest that it is all just an act, one thing is for sure: Chris Crocker is here to stay. Featured on numerous media outlets like Maury, Fox News and Jimmy Kimmel Live, itschriscrocker fans continue to grow in numbers with no intentions of slowing down.

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    Channel Views: 21,414,204

    Subscribers: 253,348

    Videos: 131

    Months Active: 30

    Total Score: 2.394

  7. HotForWords

    Description: Coming in at #7 is probably the hottest video blogger online, Marina Orlova. So what is the key to her success? Aside from her good looks, Marina has turned learning into a fun and entertaining process. Her love for words and its origins led her to start HotForWords in 2007 where she teaches users about the origin of words. Since 2007 she has also launched her own website along with her new book entitled Hot For Words: Answers to All Your Burning Questions About Words and Their Meanings. Aside from her fame online, Marina can also be proud to say that she is the World’s #1 Sexiest Geek as voted by Wired Magazine in their  “Sexy Geek of the Year Contest” contest.

    Since people keep asking us what “Viralogy” actually means, perhaps this is a case for HotForWords!

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    Channel Views: 14,547,899

    Subscribers: 254,056

    Videos: 483

    Months Active: 30

    Total Score: 2.322

  8. MileyMandy

    Description: It was only about time before Miley Cyrus joined YouTube and now that she has, it looks like shes on a path to #1. After just a year and a half on YouTube, Miley and friend Mandy Jiroux have grown almost astronomically in numbers since their first video. Aside from her hit TV show, Hannah Montana, and her pop music success, Mandy and Miley have brought ‘reality TV’ to a whole new level. From their homemade videos, fans can see a side to Miley that they never knew of.

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    Channel Views: 22,508,259

    Subscribers: 451,786

    Videos: 33

    Months Active: 18

    Total Score: 2.199


    Description: Winner of the YouTube award for Best Commentary in 2007, Michael Buckley has grown to become one of the biggest celebrity gossip video blogs online. If their is something funny in the world of celebs, you can be sure that Michael will be on it. While it may seem like all fun and games, Michael Buckley has found a way to make money from his extremely popular videos. One of the best parts about WHATTHEBUCK is also his ability to say it like it is. While most may not want to offend celebrities or make fun of them, Michael Buckley lets viewers know what’s on his mind.

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    Channel Views: 10,664,917

    Subscribers: 554,411

    Videos: 345

    Months Active: 27

    Total Score: 2.079

  10. VenetianPrincess

    Description: When it comes to music video parody’s, VenetianPrincess is one of the best. Since 2006, VenetianPrincess has been cranking out hit after hit and it’s all paid off. With good looks and a great sense of creativity, it is no wonder she is the #1 most subscribed female on YouTube (Approximately 53 Million YouTube Females) and also has won several awards for her Miley Cyrus video spoof, “7 Things (Guys Don’t Have To Do.)“Among the awards, they include being part of The Top 10 Viral Videos by PC World Magazine in 2008 as well as one of the most favorited videos on YouTube. Oh, did we mention she she won the title of Miss YouTube in April of this year?

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    Channel Views: 10,268,188

    Subscribers: 551,262

    Videos: 102

    Months Active: 35

    Total Score: 2.012