The Top 10 Travel Blogs To Help You Travel The World

With the summer season underway, that means that it’s time to start planning. Whether it’s that weekend getaway you’ve been looking forward to or that trip to Europe, we’ve put together The Top 10 Travel Blogs To Help You Travel The World. From knowing when the best time to travel is to where the best surf is, the blogs on our list are sure to make your travels are fun and exciting.

While well known blogs Gadling, Gridskipper, and Jaunted did not make our list, it’s only because we wanted to focus our attention to the blogs that help make travel a little easier and that deserve some attention.

In our rankings, we analyzed the blogs based on three categorizes: 1. Blog Site Traffic, 2. Technorati Authority, and 3. the number of linkbacks that the site had. All traffic statistics were drawn from analytics.

  1. The Cranky Flier

    Description: If you want to know all their is about airlines, airports and air travel, The Cranky Flier is where you should start first. The Cranky Flier offers its readers some great analysis on airlines as well as airport travel.

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    Visitors Last Month: 12,186

    Technorati Authority: 127

    Linkbacks: 2,150

    Total Score: 45.938

  2. Travel Blog


    Description: This is definitely one of my favorites simply because the concept behind it is great! Travel Blog is a unique, free online travel diary for travelers across the world. From great articles about expeditions in the jungle to trips to the pyramids, Travel Blog has something for everyone.

    Visitors Last Month: 404,340

    Technorati Authority: 479

    Linkbacks: 1,020

    Total Score: 43.182

  3. A Luxury Travel Blog


    Description: Written by Dr. Paul Johnson, A Luxury Travel Blog focuses on topics like the finer aspects of travel as well as information on luxurious hotels and resorts. If you are looking to spend your travels in the lap of luxury, be sure to check this blog out!

    Visitors Last Month: 8,359

    Technorati Authority: 37

    Linkbacks: 1,490

    Total Score: 30.813

  4. VagaBlogging


    Description: Written by Rolf Potts, VagaBlogging offers its readers a fresh new take on travel with awesome content! Anyone who reads this blog is sure to spend some quality time at his site. You can’t read just one post!

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    Visitors Last Month: 5,995

    Technorati Authority: 90

    Linkbacks: 1,420

    Total Score: 30.396

  5. The Perrin Post Travel Blog


    Description: Great content with some amazing photos. While many people like to read blogs because of the great content, I enjoyed looking through The Perrin Post Travel Blog because of the photos. For each blog post, their is an awesome photo to go with it!

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    Visitors Last Month: N/A

    Technorati Authority: 217

    Linkbacks: 1,300

    Total Score: 30.34

  6. Upgrade: Travel Better


    Description: As its name suggests, Upgrade: Travel Better is for “the traveler looking to maximize comfort, style, and convenience, while getting a great deal.” This is a great blog because of the helpful tips it provides as well as updating its blog many times a week which keeps its readers engaged and up to date!

    Visitors Last Month: 31,555

    Technorati Authority: 95

    Linkbacks: 1,310

    Total Score: 29.13

  7. Travel Rants


    Description: Need to know where the best place to go during vacation season is? Or how about where you can find that last minute deal on plane tickets? Look no further than Travel Rants. Don’t believe us? Find out yourselves and join the fun!

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    Visitors Last Month: 9,852

    Technorati Authority: 101

    Linkbacks: 1,300

    Total Score: 28.342

  8. Travel Post


    Description: Knowing where to stay or how long can be difficult for many, but our friends over at Travel Post have helped make our lives a little easier with their great hotel lists and tips/advice. Planning for a trip just got easier!

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    Visitors Last Month: 372,450

    Technorati Authority: 18

    Linkbacks: 429

    Total Score: 21.101

  9. Traveling Mamas


    Description: When visiting Traveling Mamas you can’t help but love reading it! Traveling Mamas inspires women to get out there and explore the world. From tips on how to spend vacation wih the kids to finding time for those weekend getaway, you are sure to finding something useful and interesting!

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    Visitors Last Month: 28,644

    Technorati Authority: 136

    Linkbacks: 586

    Total Score: 17.317

  10. Word Hum Travel Blog


    Description: At the World Hum Travel Blog, you will never miss a beat when it comes to travel news. Staying up to date with the world and how travel is changing is easy with the World Hum Travel Blog!

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    Visitors Last Month: 75,937

    Technorati Authority: 0

    Linkbacks: 640

    Total Score: 15.279