The Top 10 Personal Development Blogs You Wish You Knew About Earlier

When people think of what the top personal development blogs are they commonly think of blogs such as the Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss or Zen Habits. While these are great blogs that offer some top notch content, their are plenty of other great personal development blogs that not everyone has heard of. We realized this and decided to put together a list of the Top 10 Personal Development Blogs You Wish You Knew About Earlier. While some people may recognize some of the blogs on our list, for those of you who still haven’t discovered them we hope you enjoy them!

One of the biggest reasons why people read blogs is because they want to get advice or information on a particular topic. Personal development blogs are extremely important to the online community because of the service it provides for many people. From teaching others how to maximize their efficiency, to helping others find what they are passionate about, personal development blogs are a great learning tool.

For our list we focused primarily on blogs that have the potential to be ‘household names’ in the blogosphere. Taking into account the blogs site traffic as well as it’s Technorati authority and the number of linkbacks that the site had, we were able to come up with our list. While our list only highlights 10 blogs, there are still plenty more out there for you to find!

  1. Life Clever


    Description: Life Clever is a personal development website geared toward designers. It offers great tips and advice on topics ranging from your career to your personal life. Be sure to check it out!

    Visitors Last Month: 38,442
    Technorati Authority: 143
    Linkbacks: 712

    Total Score: 24.17

  2. Marc and Angel Hack Life


    Description: At Marc and Angel Hack Life you can find awesome practical tips for productive living. With an original point of view on various topics, you are sure to find something useful and insightful at their site!

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    Visitors Last Month: 43,805
    Technorati Authority: 163
    Linkbacks: 618

    Total Score: 23.68

  3. Life Optimizer


    Description: As the title implies, Life Optimizer is for anyone who wants to live life to the fullest. Life Optimizer has built a following around them by teaching people how to live life through personal development and growth

    Visitors Last Month: 25,679
    Technorati Authority: 195
    Linkbacks: 610

    Total Score: 20.82

  4. Illuminated Mind


    Description: We interviewed Jonathan Mead a while back and we knew that his blog was special. And we were right. At Illuminated Mind, you can find creative and entertaining blog posts that offer a new angle on personal development! If you don’t believe us, go check it out!

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    Visitors Last Month: 26,228
    Technorati Authority: 181
    Linkbacks: 592

    Total Score: 20.28

  5. Productivity 501


    Description: One of the great things about Productivity 501 is its dedication to the quality of its’ content. Through original publications, Productivity 501 teaches it readers tips and tricks on how to increase personal productivity. With their goal to bring high quality content to their readers, it’s no wonder they made our list!

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    Visitors Last Month: 17,737
    Technorati Authority: 122
    Linkbacks: 546

    Total Score: 16.62

  6. Litemind


    Description: What is the most powerful tool you possess? If you said your mind then you should definitely check out Litemind. At Litemind you will find new ways to fully develop your potential through a more efficient use of your mind.

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    Visitors Last Month: 43,563
    Technorati Authority: 100
    Linkbacks: 321

    Total Score: 16.43

  7. Urban Monk


    Description: Urban Monk goal is to “provide a free companion in your personal development journey inwards into yourself and outwards into the urban world – modern life, entwined with ancient spirituality.” Urban Monk brings a fresh new outlook on personal development with a great message!

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    Visitors Last Month: 10,865
    Technorati Authority: 88
    Linkbacks: 591

    Total Score: 15.58

  8. Jonathan Fields


    Description: Don’t know how to balance work and play? Then you have to check out Jonathan Fields blog to get all the best tips and advice on everything from entrepreneurship to your career.

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    Visitors Last Month: 18,224
    Technorati Authority: 208
    Linkbacks: 295

    Total Score: 13.41

  9. Change Your Thoughts


    Description: To change the way you live and do things can be hard. At Change Your Thoughts by Steven Aitchison, he provides great ways to help make personal development easier. Some of the topics covered at his blog include: Finance, relationships, career, spiritual beliefs, and health.

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    Visitors Last Month: 15,459
    Technorati Authority: 53
    Linkbacks: 407

    Total Score: 12.04

  10. The Change Blog


    Description: One of my personal favorites, The Change Blog offers great advice and tips that everyone can relate too. If you are looking to make a change in your life this is a great place to start!

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    Visitors Last Month: 11,110
    Technorati Authority: 115
    Linkbacks: 336

    Total Score: 11.06