Interview with Andrew from – Music Genius

Contact: pantaloons [at]
Career: Works random hours on Songs to Wear Pants to . com
Passions: “Music, for sure.  Gardening, nature, human and environmental rights,children, food.  I am passionate about passion!  I love to see people find and explore and develop their passions.”

A few weeks ago Yu-kai Gchats me with “Dude, I just found the most amazing music in life!”  Yu-kai doesn’t really listen to music much, so for something to really catch his attention must be very impressive.  He tells me about this guy who writes songs about Superman being better than Spiderman, and how all of his songs are created from his reader suggestions.

After listening to about 50+ of his songs, I have to say that this guy is a music genius.  His songs are witty, comical, fun, and moving.  Not only is he extremely talented, but he’s also a super nice guy.  He actually composed our Awesome Revolution music intro that freakin rocks!

In a lot of ways, Andrew reminds me of my younger brother: musician, love for plants and gardens, and a free spirit.  Right after our interview, I showed Andrew’s music to Jay (my brother) and he totally loved it. I think they would get along great.

Enjoy the vid!

Conversation Breakdown

1:20 – Tell me about the origins of

Andrew was looking for a way to make money during a summer, and he decided to post on eBay and auction off his musical talent.  You can bid on his auction, and the winner would win a complete custom song that Andrew built from scratch.  After realizing the potential of what he was doing, Andrew decided to make it a full-fledged site.

1:57 – What is the first song someone should listen to as an intro to what you do?

2:40 – There are so many people pursuing a career in music.  What advice can you give to someone who is too caught up in the mainstream?

Keep the focus on what you love.  As a music lover, it is very easy to get caught up in the business side of the industry.  The most important thing to remember is to have fun and stay true to your music.

4:01 – After going through music school, do you see any tangible benefits from attending music school?

The connections you make are big benefits; however, it is definitely not a requirement.  One can easily become fully enriched in music if one takes the time to read books, analyze all types of music, and keep an open mind.

5:08 – What do you do outside of music?

Andrew likes to garden.  He especially loves plants that he can eventually eat.

Best quote: “I think it’s magical and fun to take care of something from when it’s just a seed, to when it grows into something that can actually feed you.”

6:21 – Tell me about your recent marriage.  Did the music win her over?

His wife doesn’t care about his music!!!  She is very supportive, but music is not something that she is super passionate about.

This is such a great example of opposites attract.

7:52 – Where does the name “Songs to Wear Pants to” come from?

Back when Andrew was in high school, he was sitting in the living room with his parents and all of a sudden: “song to wear pants to” just penetrates his brain.  The title has stuck with him ever since.

8:31 – Can you share your musical talent with us LIVE

10:14 – Can you put your creative thought process into words?

I’ve always been curious about the creative thought process of an artist.  Andrew tries to put his musical talent into words so we can see what he sees.

11:35 – Is there a special place you go to to get in your music zone?

Andrew is in his element in his studio.  The inspiration for a song can come from anywhere at anytime.

12:45 – What is in the future of

Andrew does not think about the future too much.  He would like to switch to a royalty model which would allow him to scale his business a lot better.